So you accidentally deleted a non-admin user account and also the files in in Windows 7. Now what to do if you need to recover deleted files?

Recover Deleted Files
Recover Deleted Files

If you are using Windows 7, then you might be very lucky for Windows 7 system restore option do recover the user account and user files.You can easily restore the deleted files by using the Windows system restore function. Try restoring your computer to a previous date when you are sure you had the user account intact, using System Restore and restore the files using Recycle Bin and you will find the files restored.

But if you had system protection off for the drive or if it doesn’t works for any other reason , then try to log in with an admin account and see if you are able to see your deleted user name folder under c:users .Look if you can get the files,then move the files to an usb drive or another location on the root directory.

If this also doesn’t work then download a free recovery software like Recova from piriform.This data recovery software is free and does an excellent job recovering deleted files from your Recycle Bin,Computer, mobile card,camera card, or MP3 player.

Recover Deleted Files by a Specialist

If you still can’t recover deleted files, then it is best to call up your trusted computer data recovery specialists without performing any action on your hard drive as the data recovery from your hard drive might get difficult if you continue performing operations in it .