Wireless Network Solution

Wi-Fi is the core support system of the company’s IT department. Every time you connect to a wireless network, your device exchanges information with other devices on the same connected network.
One of the most widely observed reasons for poor Wi-Fi performance are jamming from many users sharing an AP at a time. The more devices are joined to a single Access Point (AP), the slower it becomes for every one of them to send and receive information. This results in slow internet speeds, paused connections and annoying experiences while browsing online or live streaming.

Here’s How A to Z IT Solutions Wireless Network service Can Help you

To cut this matter, people try setting up many APs in their offices rather than using one great router with integrated net competencies such as Google Wi-Fi Mesh. However, these solutions can be costly and complex to set up without any expert’s IT support.
A to Z IT Solutions is there to fix and evaluate your wireless network issues by troubleshooting the current wireless setups and improving them so they work better as compared to the new ones.
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