Computer Training

Are you looking to upgrade your computer skills? Would you like to learn more about how to use your computer? Is there someone in your family who feels intimidated by new technologies? Then sign up for one on one computer training today.
We can provide affordable One to One computer tuition in the comfort of your own home or office
Training is available weekdays, evening and weekend with advance booking and lead by Microsoft certified Trainer.


  • All levels of tuition: from complete beginner (have never used a computer) to competent users.
  • One to One tuition: learn faster on your own and ask us what you want, when you want, on you own computer.
  • We come to: We can visit you at your house, retirement home, or hospital.
  • You come to us: You can bring your own computer or use the equipment provided
  • Group Training: from 5- 12 people in each group.
  • Company Training: Just installed a new piece of software at the office or have new employee/s that need training? Book a company-training day.
  • Training on any type of computer: We can train you on PC, Apple Mac, ipad or Tablet.
  • Professional, patient and knowledgeable technicians: never be apprehensive of asking a question with one of our trained Instructor.
  • Let’s get you up and running: we can assist with Broadband/Internet, purchasing a computer and provide a complete set up and installation service to get you up and running.


How do I …
  • use my computer to keep in touch with friends and family
  • pay my bills online
  • use Facebook (for yourself or to ensure your child is safe)
  • set up an email account
  • protect my computer from viruses
  • ensure my children are safe using the internet / Facebook
  • Help my elderly parents start using a computer, iPad, iPhone or Mobile etc.
  • research a hobby online
  • go online safely
  • back up my data
  • use Microsoft software – Word, Power point, Excel, Outlook
  • Use Windows 8
  • Use Windows 10
  • transfer my photos from my phone to my computer
  • install and use Skype
  • setup New iPad
  • Setup New Laptop
  • Copy Files to External Hard drive
  • Make sure my operating system is up to date