How Do You Know If Your Computer Needs a Tune-Up?

You know how when you get a new car after a while it loses that “new car smell”… and before you know it, it is already due for regularly scheduled maintenance? Computers are kind of the same way – except figuratively, of course, since you did not likely have a smell at all when you got it. The point is, your PC and Laptop need a tune-up to perform their best, just like cars do.
After all, you know that if something were to happen, it would always be when you’re up against a major deadline – that’s just the way it tends to be! Regardless of how careful you are, or how diligent you are about clearing browser history or purging your trash, the average computer user can’t foresee where the problems could lie.
So, how do you know when you need some preventive measurement for that computer? Here are some hints that a crash could be on its way, and that you need to start thinking about computer maintenance now:

1. You Have a Slow Computer

This is often the most frustrating issue for people, primarily because a PC slowdown happens gradually. You might not even realize at first that it’s happening, and then you suddenly realize that you feel like you’re moving through mud. This can be the case for lots of reasons—the most frequent are data clutter, insufficient memory or system resources and failing hardware. Occasionally, the fix can be as simple as clearing browsing history and cleaning up the Windows registry.

2. You’re Getting Error Messages

Error messages are the hard- or software’s way of letting you know that they’re having difficulty with a particular function. If it’s a bug in an application, updating the application can sometimes fix the problem. If it persists, it may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. A PC tune-up could search the cause of the error and eliminate it.

3. Long Start-up and Shut-down Time

It’s possible that your computer is taking a long time to start up or shut down because there are useless files clogging up the works. Any time you download something from the web or install or uninstall a program, files are created in your Windows Registry; they are essentially harmless, but they do not good after a time, either. And, the risk is that over time they just bog down your system until you have a really slow PC. If this happens, it’s time to either defragment your hard drive or clean your registry to purge any unneeded junk.

4. Your PC freezes or Crashes

It happens. But if it’s happening frequently, then you have a problem. When your system crashes, it’s letting you know that it can’t handle what you’re trying to do.

5. Pop-up ads are appearing on my desktop

If you’re not running your Web browser and are still getting pop-up ads on your desktop, you’ve most likely installed adware—a program that displays unwanted ads. Although benevolent adware exists, most of the time adware is up to no good. Getting rid of it isn’t easy. There’s a ton of little system-utility tools out there that promise to clean up everything, But A lot of times those programs are not going to do much. Some programs will work; others are snake oil.

What will a computer tune-up service by A to Z IT Solutions will get you?

You will leave with a desktop computer or laptop that is running the best that it can for the specs that it has. What does this mean? Well, to use another car analogy, we can’t make your Toyota engine run like a Ford V8, but we can make it run like the best Toyota engine it can be! Of course, we do work on the Ford of computers too and can improve their performance – we just can’t make it into something that it’s not. By the way, “what are ‘specs’?” you ask? By “specs” we mean the hardware specifications of the computer, you know: processor type and speed, how much memory it has, what kind of graphics card it has, how big the hard drive is and how much space is available on it. There are more “specs” than these, but these are the main ones that impact hardware performance.

Our Computer-tune up service includes

  • Over 100 system tweaks that will shorten your computer’s boot time,
  • remove unwanted files and unnecessary background processes,
  • Scan hard disk for read/write errors
  • Install most recent Windows update/MAC OSX updates to guard against security threats,
  • Update hardware drivers with latest patches
  • Clean Internet history, cache and cookies,
  • Defrag your hard drive and/or run other Anti-spyware software,
  • Remove any unwanted programs, Trial ware /bloatware application,
  • Clean Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.

How often do I need a computer Tune-up Service?

• Frequency varies but for average home computer is 6-12 months and for Business it should be 3-6 months.

Give us a call at 0425 425 099 and we can help make your computer run faster.