If you’ve just bought or been given a new iPad or iPhone and need help to set it up or get started, you are at the right place. We can get you up and running in no time Our Tech will setup iPad or iPhone correctly so you can utilize maximum feature of your iPad or iPhone.

A to Z IT Solutions iPad setup service include

  • Unbox, charge and say Hello
  • Connect iPad to a wireless network or an ISP
  • Enable Location service and find my iPad feature
  • Setup iPad as new or restore from existing backup
  • Signing in with or creating a new Apple ID for free
  • Enable Apple digital assistant, Siri
  • Create passcode or finger scan to protect from unauthorized access
  • Music – from iTunes or from the iTunes store
  • Photos – from a camera, phone or computer
  • Videos – from iTunes or those MP4 videos you own
  • Contacts – sync your contacts from your iPad to a phone or computer
  • Bookmarks – transfer bookmarks from a PC or Mac running Safari
  • Cloud storage Dropbox – to sync documents from your PC or Mac
  • eBooks – that you have purchased on the iTunes store
  • iMessages /Face time
  • Email – setup or transfer your emails from another device
  • Find Best Free and Paid Apps for your iPad

Apple Mac setup

So you just unboxed your new aluminium and glass Apple MacBook Pro. We can help you set up your computer (MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air) professionally.

A to Z IT Solutions MacBook Service includes

  • Initial setup for MacBook
  • Connect MacBook to your Home/Business Wi-Fi Network
  • Migrate your stuff using Migration assistant or apple time machine backup
  • Setup iCloud, enable Location service
  • Create New User account for MacBook
  • Enable Virtual Assistant (Siri)
  • Enable security features
  • Enable Kids safety if required
  • Join your MacBook Pro/Air to Domain network
  • Download latest apple updates/patch
  • Setup Cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft one Drive)
  • Install any third party software’s (Microsoft office suite, Quick Book, MYOB, Photo shop, Adobe Acrobat etc.)
  • Install and configure printer
  • Enable remote Access
  • Enable/schedule apple time machine backup