System Maintenance and support servicesWe offer following System Maintenance and support services:

Desktop Management & Support

  • Maintenance of the operating system
  • Patching and updating of the operating system
  • Ensuring correct resources are allocated for networking
  • Hardware and software installations
  • Hardware and software repairs
  • Printing related Issues

Securing and Virus Protection

  • Firewall policy management
  • Internet filtering
  • Desktop management
  • Server data security
  • Locking down of publicly accessible workstations
  • Penetration and Vulnerability testing

DATA Backup and Restoration

  • Backup jobs monitored for success and failure
  • Backup tapes taken off site
  • Data integrity checks

Email Services

  • Email connectivity
  • Email server redundancy
  • Email virus scanning
  • Spam blocking
  • Content filtering
  • Distribution list Management

Remote Access

  • Secure data communications
  • Easy/Secure login to the network
  • Reliability of the VPN gateway
  • Root cause analysis for access and speed problems
  • Investigation into congestion and bandwidth constraints
  • Maintenance of the VPN user base

License Management

  • Purchasing of licenses
  • Maintaining software license agreements
  • Ensuring the correct versions of licenses are obtained