So its summer ,and you are beginning to feel the heat.Heat is also the enemy of your computer components. Over heated components have a low life.
Here is a list of 5 Ways to Keep Laptop Cool This Summer. A few things you can do to help your computer beat the heat.

ways to keep laptop cool
ways to keep laptop cool

Ways to Keep Laptop Cool

Dust your PC
If allowed to accumulate , dust can act as dust retaining blankets over your PC components .So, open your desktop PC and remove accumulated dust from motherboard ,adapter cards, cables etc. Also, remember to dust the fans blades for this will help the fan circulate air and will keep it spinning freely.

Proper Ventilation
It is always good to have proper ventilation in the room you have kept your PC .

Air Conditioning
If you have access to air conditioners ,it is highly recommended to keep them on during the summer.It will help cool down your computer components.

Turn it off when not in use
It’s a habit which I also need to work upon.When you don’t need your computer, just turn it off.Your will also be saving your power bills.

Remove Obstructions
See to it that your computer has breathing space. leave space between any walls and obstructions for maximum circulation.

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Have a great summer !