Each year many young and bright men and women graduates in Information Technology in Australia and all over the globe. Many also attain their global certifications. Most of IT Graduates don’t know how do you get work experience and there is always a industry skill gap and scarcity of knowledgeable professionals in IT domain. Very few of those pass outs are job-ready.and this includes the computer technicians and hardware experts.

how do you get work experience
how do you get work experience

There may be variety of opinions to put an end to this problem but according to me the most important thing is to put more stress on practical learning and increasing more industry-academia collaboration.
Listed below are certain points which I feel will be helpful to the computer repair and hardware technicians and also other professionals.

Here are some tips for how do you get work experience after Graduation in IT

1. Read IT Industry Magazines from Library: It is one of the most important easiest and yet most neglected thing. Magazines published by the Industry association contains the newest trends and research. Check out any online library if you don’t have any in your area.

2. Have a mentor :This is highly recommended irrespective of your domain and experience. Having a personal mentor who possess more expertise and experience than you will only accelerate your learning.

3. Use online Resources: If you google “free computer repair training online” you will find more than 8 million search results. There is a training program for every course you want to pursue. Morever, there is Lynda.com,Udemy.com which has excellent training courseware for any program at a very affordable monthly subscription.The tutorials are made from the experts and thus very helpful.

4 .Offer to work for free: There are many companies in Melbourne and other cities in Australia which offers internship to the students. This offers a valuable learning experience to the students at the university level. There are few websites such as studentinternships.com.au which helps students get internship jobs in Australia.

5.Prepare for Certification Exams :
Many would argue there is no benefit as such to go through the certification exams.For many technicians, that is too much of time or money.I believe IT Certifications do help you in giving you hands-on practical experience. There are community colleges in Melbourne and other cities of Australia which will be cheaper than IT Training vendors.

Now you learnt a little bit how do you get work experience. There are likely many other ways to get upgrade your skills but I’m only going through the surface. The computer repair industry is rapidly changing at and it’s only up to you to ensure you have the skills necessary to continue moving forward.