There are many instances when I have got frantic calls from people only to find those were simple problems which could have been fixed easily. It always helps to have a bit of troubleshooting knowledge before you call your expert of laptop repairs Melbourne which can save you a lot of time and money.

Below is the list of 5 common computer problems and things you can try yourself to fix them before you call your computer repair guy.

1. Check your Power Cables

If your desktop or laptop doesn’t start at all, it may be your power cable is faulty, or power unit/ battery is gone. Check it with another computer’s cable or buy a cheap one first before you go for computer repair. Also check whether the power cables are loose or not.
If you got a laptop, try to get a friend’s power cable first before you go to buy the battery.

2. Check your user manual of Motherboard manufacturer

One very common issue I get is that computer beeps on start up or it beeps and never starts. The beeps are an error code – the number of beeps indicate what hardware component is malfunctioning. It could be memory or video card or could be something else depending on the BIOS and what codes it uses. You should count the number of beeps and look at the user manual of the motherboard manufacturer. If you don’t have it you can always download it from manufacturer’s website.

3.Scan your computer for virus and malware

Virus attacks leads to many problems in your computer .Some of them deletes important system files from your computer while others replicates causing damage to hardware or software or both. Some of the common symptoms of the computer viruses are : Slow Start up, Critical files deleted, Slow performance, Computer Freezing, disk drives not accessible, printer working like a ghost or unnecessary messages being shown etc.
If the issue persists or if you are not sure about what you need or if you feel your system has been compromised and you need help with computer virus or malware issues – then you can always consult with your trusted computer technician.Check the below infographic to learn what actions does allow virus to enter your pc.

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4. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Many people complain of their PC slowing down and taking years to load a program. It is commonly because of installing junk software. Poorly written applications may clutter your system and fill your registry with useless entries. It is always a good idea to regularly delete or uninstall the unwanted programs from your control panel. You can also check by uninstalling your antivirus programs. Many a times your antivirus programs are Security Suite which is not required by you.

5. Re-install Windows Before Calling and Expert of Laptop Repairs Melbourne

If your Windows system has slowed down and isn’t speeding up no matter how many programs you uninstall, you should consider reinstalling Windows. Sometimes, the only way you can remove the software problems is by re-installing windows.