Small business server and Support Services

Thinking of buying a small server for your business or having issues with your existing server in Melbourne ? Call A to Z IT who are certified Small Business Server (SBS) experts.
More times than not, today’s organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs as they align technology with strategic goals to drive better business results. How you design, deploy, and manage your small business server infrastructure including large, distributed deployments of Microsoft technology incorporating Windows Servers, Exchange messaging servers, Active Directory, and SQL Server databases will certainly impact your ability to reach your objectives.

The design and specification of enterprise wide as well as specific infrastructure solutions is a key function of A to Z IT Solutions. Data, and its handling, is becoming increasingly important. The challenge for enterprise storage is therefore to make data easier to manage and protect, and to make it available from any location at any time, regardless of the platform used. Ato Z IT Solutions implements SAN solutions to manage exploding data volumes through their lifecycle from storage to high availability to data archiving and local and remote backup and recovery.