Network Design and Installtion Services


Network installation can encompass a simple server, router and Local Area Network (LAN) for the smallest offices all the way to a Wide Area Network (WAN) with intranet, extranet and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access for a business operating from multiple locations.

Whatever the scale, you’ll need robust hardware, security, data backup software and network maintenance. A2Z IT Solutions provides all of these requirements and we start from the principle that your network needs to be configured around your business needs rather than around the needs of the hardware and software vendors who seek your business.

Network configuration fine tunes hardware and software to release the full working potential and productivity of an organization’s people. We recognize that the “one size fits all” approach does not usually work: an Internet-based business will have very different data requirements to an enterprise with many years of structured data stored in varying legacy systems.

Data is critical to business. We take exceptional care to ensure the availability and security of our clients’ data by configuring data storage and access, providing real time and automated backup routines, be them tape, disk and/or online, around the needs of your business.

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