5 Ways to Keep Laptop Cool This Summer (Laptop / PC)

So its summer ,and you are beginning to feel the heat.Heat is also the enemy of your computer components. Over heated components have a low life. Here is a list of 5 Ways to Keep Laptop Cool This Summer. A few things you can do to help your computer beat the heat. [caption id="attachment_1259" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ways to keep laptop cool ways to keep laptop cool[/caption]

Ways to Keep Laptop Cool

Dust your PC If allowed to accumulate , dust can act as dust retaining blankets over your PC components .So, open your desktop PC and remove accumulated dust from motherboard ,adapter cards, cables etc. Also, remember to dust the fans blades for this will help the fan circulate air and will keep it spinning freely. Proper Ventilation It is always good to have proper ventilation in...

5 Simple Fixes you can try before you call your expert of laptop repairs Melbourne

There are many instances when I have got frantic calls from people only to find those were simple problems which could have been fixed easily. It always helps to have a bit of troubleshooting knowledge before you call your expert of laptop repairs Melbourne which can save you a lot of time and money. Below is the list of 5 common computer problems and things you can try yourself to fix them before you call your computer repair guy.

1. Check your Power Cables

If your desktop or laptop doesn't start at all, it may be your power cable is faulty, or power unit/ battery is gone. Check it with another computer’s cable or buy a cheap one first before you go for computer repair. Also check whether the power cables are loose or not. If you...